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Land Notes

The Land Notes series is a platform for knowledge sharing on issues related to land and environmental governance in the "two Souths"—the southeastern United States, and the global South. It provides a platform for students, faculty, and both academic and non-academic partners to communicate key lessons from research and practice outside of narrow academic channels. It is currently hosted by the Land, Institutions and Governance Lab in the University of Georgia Anthropology Department, and is open for contributions from the wider public.

Number 1

ORAM Nampula and L. German (2014)
Metodologia para o zoneamento participativo e a avaliação da compatibilidade do investimento privado com os usos actuais da terra e as aspirações locais.
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Number 2

David Stanfield, Terra Institute (2014)
iTC and Investments in Community Land and Natural Resources.
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Number 3

Cavane, E., L. German, A. Sitoe and C. Braga (2014)
Sistematização das experiências da iTC na delimitação e demarcação de terras comunitárias e parcerias: Síntese de resultados e recomendações.
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Number 4

Read, D., L. German, J. Weger, A. Jagadish, U. Kalita and L. van Sant (2016)
A method for identifying "best bet" counties for advancing equitable access to USDA programs: The case of agricultural land easements.
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Number 5

German, L. and E. King (2016)
Nalare: A community reflection on experiences with the conservancy movement in northern Kenya.
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